Catch 22 #006: The Truth About Our Relationship

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On this episode, Owen and Jason dig into some difficult truths about their intergenerational relationship.


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6 Responses to Catch 22 #006: The Truth About Our Relationship

  1. Lori Bedell

    Well, that was very cool. I love your openness to share the ways you feel vulnerable about the presentation of your relationship. I also appreciate how, despite the focus of this podcast, the age difference disappears. You just fit. You’re both cut from cloths that make sense together. I thought this was lovely in what it revealed and the way it illuminated the goodness of who you are together. Thanks for diving into that!

  2. Kathleen

    I loved listening to this. <3 Beautiful.

  3. Mom

    Finally had a chance to listen and I loved it. You two are such a great fit, and I could see that from day 1. You get each other and you make each other happy. You respect each other’s different places in life and only want for each other what makes them happy. To me, that’s the definition of love. As you said, Jason, every day in that kind of relationship is a gift. I love you both and couldn’t be happier that you found each other.

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